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September 15 2014


The Requirements To Begin A Career In The Construction Industry

Australian workers who wish to join the workforce in the construction industry is required to complete a training course. Upon the completion of this course they will receive a white card as proof that they mastered the concepts included in the course. These courses are availabile 24-hours a day online, which allows participants to finish their program in the privacy of their own home.

What to Expect from the Course?

In basic, the courses are designed to introduce these workers to safety and health regulations that pertain to the construction industry. The courses cover aspects related to building code requirements to acquiring permits and inspections. As you begin this program, you discover how to identify these requirements. You also learn how to identify hazards within the workplace and the most effective way to address them. This includes concepts such as placing signs within the work area to warn pedestrians about these hazards.

white card

Next, you learn the reporting process. These concepts show you how to report an incident whether you are involved personally or if another worker or citizen was injured. This includes worker's compensation requirements and how to file a claim, if you are the supervisor of a crew. You learn the proper procedures for responding to these incidents.

How to Devise a Safety Plan

When you run a construction crew, you are responsible for devising a safety plan to keep all workers safe during the project. The plan involves enforcing all safety requirements including wearing proper work gear and following proper procedures for each step of the project. You need an emergency response team for when this incidents occur. The course also shows you how to proceed when accidents occur.

Whenever you make the choice to work within the construction industry, you are required by law to complete a safety and health course to acquire a white card before you can work. If you wish to acquire any further training in this industry, this is the first step. You cannot work in the industry without this certification. If you wish to begin this course to obtain your certification, you should review online courses today.
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